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homestead bed bugs

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There isn’t anybody who is okay with having bed bugs invade their home. As you may know, bed bugs in Homestead have been increasing.  Should you have reason to believe you may be a victim to bed bugs, you should give us a call at (305) 767-2297 immediately.  We can help you treat these so you can live in your home in peace!

Unfortunately, unlike ants or certain other common Homestead pests, you really can’t just ignore bed bugs. They do not go away on their own and they will start multiplying, like many other pests and insects, so the problem will only worsen if you don’t take any action against them.

Bed bugs suck your blood, typically while you sleep by piercing your skin (using their mouth) to locate blood vessels and start feeding.  Bed bugs will typically feed for 5-10 minutes and then return to their hiding location.  All of this happens while you are asleep, and it’s not unusual for people to go several days with no signs or proof of active bed bugs  until they notice the effects on their body; red skin or bites and rashes.

Homestead Bed Bug Control

Usually, when people figure out that they have bed bugs, it’s not very often they have determined this by finding an actual bed bug or the body of one.  Bed bugs are very good at hiding from people, typically in small holes in beds or bed posts. If you find spots of blood anywhere on your bedding or mattress or have been getting bit but have ruled out any possibility of a flea issue, then you could very well be facing a bed bug dilemma.

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