Homestead Mosquito Control

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Mosquitoes bite; call us right away for Homestead mosquito control!
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You may already know this, but Mosquitoes are the cause of more human deaths than any animal or insect on the planet.  Combine this unsettling fact with the number of mosquitoes that are here in Homestead having no issues adapting to the urban conditions, then you probably understand why we’re worried.  Our Homestead mosquito control experts understand these risks and take the responsibility of protecting you and your loved ones very seriously.

While exterminators can have a significant impact on the mosquito population in an area, unfortunately it is not feasible to provide complete removal of mosquitoes.  At Pest Control of Homestead, we make it our goal to decrease the mosquitoes in your area by 85%.

After you call one of our Homestead mosquito control professionals we’ll come to inspect your home or business. During our mosquito inspection we will confirm the type of mosquito and the source. We’ve had the most success when we’re able to attack the mosquito population at the adult, as well as at the larva stage. If you’re already seeing a lot of mosquitoes then you need to call our Homestead mosquito exterminators at (305) 767-2297 as soon as possible!

Homestead Ant Removal

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Call us for Homestead ant removal!
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Nobody enjoys ants taking over their home. Pest Control of Homestead can help you with ant extermination in Homestead and the surrounding region. There are numerous types of ant problems you might be experiencing because ant issues in Homestead can take on numerous forms.

Before you select just any Homestead ant exterminator contact us to learn what to ask about in hiring a Homestead pest control company. Ants are tricky to get rid of of since they easily adapt to their environment and can get through tiny cracks and other small areas. Of course, you should also be aware that ants can climb easily and are very strong insects. Therefore, many times over the counter treatments don’t do a good job of killing them. Contact us at (305) 767-2297 today and let us remove your ants so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Homestead Cockroach Removal

homestead cockroach

Cockroaches can carry up to 37 diseases; call us immediately!
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Unfortunately, Homestead cockroaches are a common pest in many cities across the world and we realize they can be very troublesome and frustrating to manage.  The number of Homestead cockroach home invasions has increased over the years and they will invade any property, clean or dirty.

Cockroaches that reside in these foreclosed homes will eventually run out of food, and once that happens they look for food elsewhere; typically the nearest home or building. Fortunately, one of our well-trained Homestead cockroach exterminators can get rid of your cockroach problem and further protect your home from future potential invasions.

Homestead Roaches

Cockroaches can survive in conditions that other pests cannot because they’re extremely adaptable. Because of this, cockroaches can be more difficult to locate and remove. Homestead cockroaches are definitely a pest that can make a person feel ill rather quickly upon first sight and they post health risks which is another reason you should take immediate action against them. Because roaches almost always have some type of bacteria they are carrying, humans are at risk to exposure of these harmful bacteria. Roaches will contaminate dishes, surfaces, kitchen counters, and even your food. In humans, this can cause food poisoning and other issues because they can be carrying so many different types of bacteria at any given time.  Store your food in sealed containers to prevent roaches and other insects; certain insects will flock to any kind of food left out in the open.

Homestead Cockroach Removal

In our experience, in-store solutions for cockroaches are highly ineffective. Our Homestead cockroach solution is stronger than anything you’ll be able to buy in any store. We’ve had some customers who waited three years before finally calling us to get rid of the cockroach problem! Waiting this long can make the problem even more difficult to completely treat.  All of our cockroach services are guaranteed to get rid of your problem and they’re reasonably priced.  Give us a call at (305) 767-2297 today and we’ll send out our Homestead cockroach specialists to get rid of your problem.

Homestead Bees, Wasps, & Hornets

homestead bees

Bees can be deadly; stay away from nests and call our experts.
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Unfortunately, residing in Homestead means you’re probably going to have a problem with wasps, hornets, bees, or other stinging insects at some point in time. If you do find yourself looking at a nest or a swarm of stinging insects, you need to call our Homestead bee removal experts at (305) 767-2297 so we can take care of the issue right away. We can remove bees and other stinging insects, nests, debris, etc. from both Homestead homes and businesses, as well as other properties.

We take care to hire professionals who take their job seriously and our Homestead bee removal team has the experience and education required to safely and properly handle stinging insects. Yellow jackets, hornets, honey bees, bees, wasps; those are just some of the stinging insects we can handle for you.

When you are treating for wasps, bees and other stinging insects, it’s not enough just to kill or remove the pests. You must also take care of anything they have left behind like their home (nest) or debris or you risk them returning in the near future. Our goal is to help you avoid that and to avoid any stinging insect issues to being with.

Work with Homestead Bee Removal Experts!

We don’t consider ourselves to be like every other pest control company serving the Homestead area. The technician we send to your property will be trained and qualified to do the job which is very important if you don’t want to waste time or money. We have a job to do and we take it very seriously as any exterminator should.

Temporary or Permanent Bees?

If you have just started to notice some bees around your property it could likely be they are hanging out but will shortly move on. This is hard to determine sometimes because it involves trying to see if the bees are going to a nest or if they are just hanging around until they continue their journey. Our Homestead bee removal experts are here to help so you can rest easy once again. We will send out a professional technician to assess the area and locate any damage or homes/nests created by the stinging insects.

Give us a call at (305) 767-2297 today and we’ll show you exactly why we’re the favorite bee removal company in Homestead.  It isn’t worth getting stung, especially for those who are allergic to bees or wasps or other stinging insects so you should stay as far away from them as possible.

Homestead Rodent Control

homestead rodent

Don’t let these disease carrying rodents take over your home; call our experts!
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You’re probably aware that rodents will cause property damage, and can also transmit diseases. If they find electronic cables they will chew them, which in turn can cause expensive damage. You don’t want electrical wires getting chewed up by rodents because it’s dangerous and can cause a lot of problems including a fire hazard.

Rodents can also be an embarrassment to have in your home. Your neighbors and guests might make false assumptions about your cleanliness based upon your rodent invasion. If you want to exterminate the rats and mice then you’re going to need to call our Homestead rodent control experts and exterminators at (305) 767-2297.

Homestead Rodent Removal Services

Rodents are  good at hiding where humans don’t typically look or go. Some people choose to try to capture the rats and mice themselves. Unfortunately, that can be a waste of money, and can lead to frustration.  You get so close to catching the rodents and then suddenly fail and become irritated and frustrated all over again; we can help you avoid this!

One of our Homestead rodent exterminators is going to be able to get rid of your rodent problem without inconveniencing your family. Our Homestead rodent exterminator will assess the facts and select the best course of action.  Call (305) 767-2297 and we can schedule your appointment.

Homestead Spider Removal – Black Widows

homestead spider removal

Call us at the first sign of poisonous spiders!
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For whatever reason, many Homestead residents fear or dislike spiders and that is only natural. Spiders can actually be useful because they eat other pests and keep your home, business, or property free from annoying insects. While the majority of Homestead spiders are not harmful to people, you do want to keep a look out for poisonous ones.

In general, poisonous spiders such as the black widow aren’t going to be in your home. For the rare instances where they are found inside a property, they typically prefer darker locations like the garage or your closet. The majority of black widows we have encountered have been outside in stacks of fire wood and outdoor structures like barns and sheds.  As you’ve likely seen, black widows can be identified by its glossy black color and red hourglass on its belly.

Call us for Homestead Spider Removal and Black Widow Spiders

If you are seeing a lot of spiders, regardless of what kind they may be, our Homestead spider removal experts are ready to help. Call us at (305) 767-2297 today to schedule your appointment.

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